Friday, June 30, 2017

Glimmers of God

Last night I was talking to a friend about "God Moments." She had another term for it that escapes me now. These are little moments that help me remember God has my back. Often the situations are small. Here are two pretty tiny ones in the grand scheme of life, but both were meaningful to me.

The first: Picture we are walking around a city park. We had eaten a large brunch, but the teenager and the mom in the group decided they were both pretty hungry. Trouble is there was no food available in the park, or in the surrounding area. Odd, since we were in a major city at the time. 

Welcome Mr. Police Officer. The officer had extra food left over after serving kids at a community event. He offered us a cheeseburger and a bottle of water. It was just the right amount of food to tide us over until we were meeting family later for dinner.

The second: Don and I enter Princeton Running Company with the goal of buying new sneakers to help us with our training for the Disneyland Half Marathon in September. I see a bunch of Nikes on sale in my size (womens 10.5), but not the running shoe I have grown to love (Zoom Structure). As I sadly contemplate paying full-price for shoes I know I will love versus paying
$37 less for similar (but not the same) shoes, another sales clerk comes over and announces the shoes I want were marked down $48 that day. Score! Would have bought two had they been available.

Meanwhile Don upgraded from his Vibrams to shoes with padding. The ones that made his eyes light up came in that day. Another small message from God to go ahead and buy those sneakers.

Woefully behind

I am woefully behind in blogging. 

Topics of interest over the past month, which may or may not actually be blogged about, include:

Feel free to chime up. No promise it will be written about, but if I see interest, there is a higher chance of it happening.

Caught up for now.