Saturday, March 2, 2019

Spreading Honey Bunny's Story, Part 1

After Don's mom, whom we call Honey Bunny, passed away in 2017 I started to photograph her artwork in order to create a book of it. Honey Bunny was quite prolific and no one has wall space for 600+ water color paintings. I shared this book with my former college professor, who attended church with Honey Bunny. That led to, what I thought was a one-and-done presentation

While talking to other people about her artwork, I learned non-profit groups are always looking for free speakers, which led to being invited by the Ewing and Hopewell Historical Societies to give a similar presentation.

I raised my standards for them -- instead of just handing them the book and letting them look through it in groups, Don took the images from Shutterfly and turned it into a PowerPoint presentation (yes, how fancy).

The Hopewell Library audience was filled mostly with people I know -- my parents, Don, Larry and Jane, Stacy, Jim and Beth from Hamilton Square Church, and Bonita and Bob from the Historical Society. Then there were some random people who read about it in the Hopewell newspaper, the US1 newspaper, or the Mercer County arts connect list, or the library. The library kept a list for their records.

The question that stumped me was "Did she ever sleep?" I later realized the answer was she was not on-line, never had an email address, and therefore never fell down a rabbit-hole of FaceBook posts. She kept to herself and did what she wanted to do.