Thursday, March 16, 2017

Philadelphia Flower Show

It snowed on Tuesday. The forecasts seemed to range from nothing to 20 inches. Everything shut down -- including Don's new office and Ashley's school. We were stuck at home watching the snow, then shoveling, then waiting for the plow. A look at FaceBook showed Michele and her family at the Philadelphia Flower Show. What? They are open? Even better based on her pictures, they were really quiet.

We inhaled dinner. Left Ashley (who is allergic to tulips, and with this year's theme being Holland, we knew there would be a lot of tulips) at home, and hightailed it to Philadelphia.

Many people attend the Philadelphia Flower Show for the flowers. For Don, it was the bicycles. In the past he has created a calendar with images of the bicycles of Disney; another year it was bicycles from World War II; I joked next year could be bicycles of the Philadelphia Flower Show.

There seemed to be more bicycles than flowers. Well, not quite.

Bike sharing began in Holland in 1967

The tulip created in honor of Philadelphia

This bike IS as heavy as it looks

Blue tulips created by dipping them in blue dye, not grown that way

I broke my streak of taking pictures without other people in it

I've seen carved pumpkins before, but not carved watermelons,
cantaloupes, and butternut squash

Floral displays inspired by famous paintings

Miniature art -- hard to shoot through the glass

Bicycles everyhwere

Non-tulip displays were rare