Friday, January 5, 2018

Top 10 Posts of 2017

Happy New Year! This year's snow has helped me fall a little behind schedule this year. I like to do the final tally and write this post closer to January 1 to make it more accurate. The 11th place (Writing and Running) only missed tenth place by two clicks, so it merits an honorable mention. If you look at last year's list, this year I had nearly twice as many clicks on posts than I did in 2016. The first three months saw a lot of action on The Pillsbury Press, which died out by the end of March. Guess I should have cashed in on my popularity. Hot posts now are around 200 clicks instead of 600.

Based solely on clicks, here is my Top 10 List of most popular Pillsbury Press posts in 2017:

10. 572 clicks -- All Four 
9. 576 clicks -- 2017 Resolutions
8. 583 clicks -- Waning Optimism
7. 587 clicks -- What's next?
6. 621 clicks -- Prayer Vigil
5. 631 clicks -- Million Women's March
5 (tie). 631 clicks -- Inauguration Night
3. 671 clicks -- Countries Visited
2. 681 clicks -- 2016 Bonfire
1. 682 clicks -- Top 10 (11) posts of 2016

I see some irony in that the top post of the year was a list of top posts from the year before. 

I notice many of the top posts are political in nature, but a few are purely personal. I wonder what I will write about in 2018 that will catch your interest. Feel free to chime in and let me know when you are reading something of interest. Maybe that will spur me to write another post on that topic. Or not. As always this started as a way to share our family news with our friends. It started as a Christmas newsletter and has grown into a means of communication throughout the year.

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