Friday, January 5, 2018

New Tradition: Luminaria in the Neighborhood

Last year Chris, one of our neighbors, asked if anyone would be interested in creating a luminaria path on Christmas Eve so Santa could see where to land. A couple of neighborhoods nearby have had this tradition for many years, so it was not too new of a concept, it was only new for us.

Chris limited participation to three streets: Nassau, Dustin, and Abby. We live at the corner of two of those streets. Turns out our immediate neighbors on both sides were two of the 26 families who participated. Based on a google maps image, there are 77 houses that could have participated. Not bad for the first real year (last year was a trial year).

It was cold! It rained! Fortunately we took pictures before we went to the 7 pm church service at Lawrence Road Presbyterian Church. During worship the wind blew out many of candles. The rained dampened others. Our spirits are not dampened. We have thoughts on what to do differently next year (the big one is to fold over the bags to make them more wind resistant). We could fill the bags earlier. It was cold when we did it! The weather had been warm up through December 23 before beginning a two week arctic blast (which we are still slogging through). Lastly, we need to clear the leaves first. We were  concerned about them becoming fire hazards.

Here are a couple of pictures:

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