Friday, January 5, 2018

2017 Hogmanay

Once again we braved winter to toss our grievances from 2017 and our wishes for 2018 into the township's bonfire. Spurred on by Don's 2016 wish for a new job doing something he loves, with a short commute and fun co-workers, I wanted to risk the 13 degree temperatures to toss my wish into the air -- a part-time job doing something I love, something that offers a lot of day to day variety, one that I could make my own.

The bonfire seemed shorter this year. I think the firefighters and Boy Scouts used 5 foot pallets instead of ones twice as high. The crowd also seemed much smaller. Even near the fire, it was still frigid by New Jersey standards.

I met up with my friend Nancy. Her son, Nate, was waiting in the car so we couldn't visit long. We didn't stay long, either, because we left the Kappa New Year's Eve party at Kathy and Scott's house to continue our tradition. I also saw my sister, Melissa, there, but as she was going to the same party we didn't have to stay outside in order to catch up since their trip to Arizona. Other friends posted pictures, but most people did not linger long.

Here are a few pictures from New Year's Eve at the Brearley House:

My parent's calendars burning

I'm partial to the firemen walking in front of the flame photos. Gives a sense of height.

Here is a link to the 2016 bonfire.

Stay warm and may all of your wishes for 2018 come true.

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