Saturday, January 28, 2017

2017 Resolutions

January 2017 is almost in the history books and I still have not decided on or declared my New Years Resolutions. I feel as if my life is still on hold. I can't seem to find the push I need to move in a new direction -- any direction. These are a work in progress. I keep thinking of more to add.

After attending the Million Women March I see the need to be more involved politically, but am struggling with feeling overwhelmed -- which I suspect is the new President's master plan, wear us out so we can't fight him. All the more reason I need to do something.

Looking back on my 2016 Resolutions, I liked them. They didn't turn out the way I wanted them to, but I liked them. For instance I really wanted change. The biggest change I received was when Don lost his job and had open heart surgery. Meanwhile I still flounder with freelance and finding a purpose in my life.

I have started to keep a log for one place where I find God in my life each day. At the time I wrote this, I was only three days in, but I have kept up with this goal. Hopefully I can do better with this than I did with making my bed everyday. I'm hoping it helps to knock me out of my gloom.

Friends are posting concrete running goals, or number of books to read. I'm happy that both are solid parts of my life.

After some more thought today, I have come up with:

1) Join a parent group at Ashley's school and get to know more people at the school while helping out.

2) Give up on people referring to me as Jacquelyn, after trying for a year it is not catching on. Though happily less people have typed "Jackie" when talking about me, so some success. Maybe I'll just stick with "J" -- hard to misspell, right?

3) Add another country to my list of countries visited.

4) Try new low-carb recipes. That goal worked well with vegetarian recipes, well until I developed diabetes which the nutritionists say may have kicked in because I increased my carbs to compensate for lack of meat.

5) Write down one way I see God everyday. They don't have to be ways I would consider to be a "blessing" at this point, but simply how I see His hand in my world.

6) Try to stop wasting time. As I said at the onset, I feel as if I am waiting, which is precluding me from living. I need to find focus and run with it.

7) Donate blood. 

8) Entertain. Use our china.

9) Find two causes to get behind and do so -- I can't solve the entire world.

10) Contact my representatives on a regular basis (maybe weekly) on any issue that touches my heart.

Long term:
1) Learn to swim enough to do a triathlon (eyeing up one for Special Olympics that only requires 1/10 of a mile for swimming).

2) Go south of the equator.

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