Friday, January 20, 2017

Inauguration Night

It is 10 PM and I have pre-race jitters, only I am not running in a race tomorrow. Instead I am joining 200,000 or more people in Washington, DC to show Donald Trump what we look like. We who did not vote for him (or maybe some who did, but now regret it). We who took offense when he insulted everyone from a disabled reporter to all women to anyone who does not agree 100% with him. How did we get to this point? When did it become okay to insult people. More than okay, but encouraged by the new leader of our country. Why did it become okay? Why was it okay for senators to say for over a year they would not consider anyone President Obama put up as a Supreme Court Justice, but they found it okay to work until 1:30 AM to dismantle healthcare for most of the people in the country (not them, though, they have the best health care in the land)? 

Despite hating crowds, and probably needing a gazillion deep breaths tomorrow, and being fearful that though I intend to be peaceful and worry about some of the other people, I am going. I'm hoping on a bus at 4:30 AM led Heidi and going to Washington, DC with 166 of her friends (new and old). 

I doubt I will sleep much tonight. I'll probably wake up every half an hour afraid I overslept. I've made a list for tomorrow. I've made breakfast, lunch, and dinner to take with me, along with four Kind bars. I remind myself I am not going to a Third World country (er, Developing Nation) as I pack. I have my Cousin Sara's phone number in case something happens.

Pray for my safety. Pray for the safety of those of us with peaceful intentions. We just want to show (peacefully) that when you try to take away our rights, we will unite.

"Snowflake" has become a term to show how "fragile" those of us who are not ready to accept him as president. Tomorrow we show what us "snowflakes" can do when we band together. Just as real snowflakes can shut down cities when they band together, us metaphorically speaking ones can also make government shut down.

I recently heard 370 of these marches are planned all around the globe. That is a lot of snowflakes.

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