Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 Best of Pillsbury Press

This is a good time to post the PillsPress Best of 2013 list. The Best of 2012 list shows the Pillsbury Press is slowly creating a following.

Top articles (based solely on number of clicks):

Tokyo DisneySea (124)
Princeton Half Marathon (108)
Japanese Immersion Day (107)
Bialashu the Panda (90)
Sparkle Skirts vs. Team Sparkle (83)
Princess Half Marathon (82)
Boston Marathon (82)
2013 Beauty and the Beach (81)

Other than the stories about the Japanese Immersion Day and Bialashu the Panda, the other posts were ones I shared with a wider group of people -- FB running groups, or Disney fans. I'm still searching for my voice and what I want to immortalize about our lives in cyberspace.

Only a couple of people read about more mundane things, but I'll still continue to write about them because this blog is more for me to write my feelings, than it is for amassing a following. I love that people read it since it often leads to fun conversations, but that is not the primary purpose.

I strive to keep the words of my blog as words I would not be embarrassed to say to someone in person. As anyone who has ever read a blog, you know this is not always the case. As with life, there are times I'd love to spout out into the void of cyberspace, but don't you know it that would be the time that my post went viral and feelings would be hurt, and friendships damaged beyond repair. That is just not me.

I welcome people pointing out mistakes in my writing. As I posted this, I realized the title of the Beauty and the Beach race was 2014 Beauty and the Beach instead of 2013. 81 people read it and not one of them pointed out that glaring mistake. Oh well. It is fixed now.

The all-time most read article remains A Tribute to Pine Valley (138). Seeing this reminds me that All My Children did return in 2013 for a brief bit. I hope either Prospect Park or ABC can find a way to bring it back again.

I'm looking forward to 2014 and all of the new adventures we'll have, and that I will share with cyberspace.

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