Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Half a lifetime

For longer than I would care to admit, my engagement ring has been a bit snug. The frustrating part is that it was snug on my left hand, but fit better on my right hand (I am right handed, so that  really makes no sense). This also meant my wedding ring and 10th anniversary bands were also a bit snug. With some cold water and soap they would come off, but otherwise they were not budging.

 I knew the only place I wanted to take my rings to be re-sized was Barksky Diamonds located on Sansom Street in Philadelphia in the heart of Jewelers Row. This is the place where half a lifetime ago now when my then-boyfriend went with his best man, Dave, to custom design the rings I would wear for the rest of my life.

Twenty-two years ago Mr. Barsky himself worked with Don and Dave to design just the right ring. Don wanted to include sapphires, my birthstone, and he wanted three of them to form a heart on either side of the diamond. He wanted the wedding band to compliment it, but have the letters I and U surround the heart. Before we were even married he had designed the 10th anniversary band to complete the hearts. There is a 1 and a 0 surrounding the heart, which has diamonds instead of sapphires in it  to represent 10 years. 

Our return to Barsky's this weekend was a step back in time. The place looks the same. Even after 20 years, Mr. and Mrs. Barsky look the same -- she still has the same classic hairstyle and is dripping with diamonds, as always. The only change seemed to be the inclusion of iPads.

After I picked them up and put them on again, Don couldn't get over just how shiny they are again. They look and feel like new. I can't tell where they added the bit of gold. 

Now that the rings have been sized up a little and fit more comfortably, I am wearing them again. It is funny to me to hear them jiggle and slide around on my finger. I still wanted them snug enough that they would not accidentally slide over my knuckle, yet loose enough that I was not uncomfortable. I feel as if we struck just the right combination.

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