Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Story House

Included in my swag bag from the 2013 Christmas Story 5K/10K race was a ticket to the refurbished Ralphie's House in Cleveland. In December 2004, Brian Jones (a fan of the movie) bought the house on eBay for $150,000. He spent another $240,000 to fully restore the house to look like it did in the movie. The house and museum opened in June 2005.

Over 30 years ago the search was on to find just the right location to film the movie "A Christmas Story." They wanted a home where the industrial section was visible from the back yard. For filming purposes, they wanted a home with an empty lot next door, and located at the end of a T-street.

The house has been restored to how it would have looked during filming. In reality, the interior scenes were filmed in Canada.

We were allowed to and ENCOURAGED to touch everything and pose with things. 

The whole house was a trip down memory lane.

The museum is open year-round for tours. It is a fun little local site. Across the street is a museum that holds original props from the movie.

Given that 7,000 people received a free ticket to attend the museum that day, we had a 20 minute line to get into it. The line was much longer when we were finished.

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