Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy 2015

A year ago I blogged about my 2014 resolutions and my 2014 predictions. So, how did I do? Overall, not too bad.

I hosted a large party for Don and my dad's milestone birthdays. I flopped on running or power walking 520 miles last year -- between the cold weather in the beginning of the year and the twisted ankle at the end, it was not a goal meant to happen. I'm not even ready to see how badly I missed that goal!

I did better with my reading goal (no shocker there!). I read over 130 books, but did not log most them into Goodreads. Happily I have found good book recommendations from my friends Goodread postings, so I suppose fair is fair.

While the Meatless Monday goal only went through November, I consider it a success because I am more likely to make meatless meals. There were too many weeks when I had meat-filled leftovers I wanted to finish up on a Monday before they spoiled that practicality took over that resolution. I have new recipes, and a family willing to try them. That is a success in my mind.

I ran in new (to me) states this year including Delaware, Massachusetts, and New York. I also added a country to my list. It is not my goal to race in all 50 states as it is not even my goal to visit all 50 states. I do regret, though, not racing in Oregon since our hotel room was only a mile from the start line of a nighttime 5K, a fact a realized as the race was starting.

I succeeded in having a 5K under 35 minutes. See the Canadian race link above.

I took a picture every day for the 365 photo challenge and swore off of 365 challenges. I'm not sure if I'm a better photographer, but I certainly spent a lot of time last year looking for photo subjects.

For a few months I had a job with the benefit of a steady paycheck, and paid days off, but chose not to continue with it. We'll see what 2015 brings.

My environmental goals did not really happen. The township still needs 100 families to sign up for the curbside organic waste pick up. They have stalled. We do walk our compost down the street to a friend's house, so I suppose it is a step. We are hoping for a major purge this year.

As for the predictions, they all came true but one -- none of us have a smart phone. 

Happy 2015!

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