Monday, January 5, 2015

2014 Best of the Pillsbury Press

Here we go with our own Top 10 List, based strictly on entry point clicks. there was a tie for #10, so really top 11 list.

135 Librarian Shoulder
126 Home Again Farm
101 Little Free Library
83 Meatless "Mondays"
57 Disney Bounding
54 Six Flags: so not Disney
52 Upper Canada Village Time Traveler's Camp
48 Downsizing
46 Caffee Gelato race
44 Aladdin on Broadway
44 Let it go

The all-time record for hits us Kyoto, Part 1 published in June 2013. Someone must have linked to it (I don't know who) because it now has a whopping 9,697 hits. Makes you realize just how public your life is when nearly 10,000 people are reading about it. Most of my other stories only interest a dozen of my friends.

The thoughts I posted last year about the 2013 Best of the Pillsbury Press still hold true. I don't say anything I would be embarrassed to have others read. I keep people's last names and major identifiers off of my blog. I you want to write about your life, that is great, but it is not my job to make it easy for future employers to get any dirt on you.

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