Sunday, June 30, 2013

Two weeks without running

I brought my running clothes with me to Japan, but did not have a spare moment to put them on and go for a run. With the exceptions of bumping into a 5K / 10K in Osaka and seeing a running club in the Imperial Park on Friday night in Tokyo (I was invited to join the latter group), I didn't miss it.

Throughout the trip I averaged over 20,000 steps a day. One day I had nearly 32,000 steps as we navigated Tokyo. Hoping just keeping active for two weeks won't put too big a dent in my training.

I'm now back in hot and humid New Jersey with sore legs and lack of motivation. The Dumbo Double Dare is coming up two months from tomorrow. I have to find my motivation.

Happy return to reality!

Monday update: I put on my sneakers and slogged out 3.1 miles. The first mile and a half were great. The last half was a struggle. Hoping new sneakers and more time in them cure some of my running issues.

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