Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Japanese Hotels

Our trip started at Tokyo Disney with a very nice and clean hotel room with a view of Tokyo Disney. Click on the link above for pictures of that room.

On the fifth day we went to Nikko and stayed a ryokan that was much more elegant than any place I ever imagined staying. Again, click on the link for pictures and more details about that place.

The sixth night we arrived in Tokyo very late and stayed at a high rise hotel for one night. Frankly it was a miserable experience, one I was not looking forward to repeating at the end of our journey. The room was small, even by Japanese standards. We booked a triple, and got to our room at 11 PM only to find two beds, two sets of slippers, two pillows, two towels, well you get the idea. I took a picture of it. They said the futon was suppose to be opened for us. I asked them to make a note for when we return this week and left it at that (really, what could I do at that point?).

We left two suitcases and went to the hotels Masumi booked. She does a much better job picking out hotels than I do. 

Two nights in Osaka. The hotel was attached to the train station. The room was enormous, it even had a table in the center, which came in handy the one night we did take out (which is harder than you can imagine).

Two nights in Kyoto. Again, a beautiful place with a fantastic breakfast buffet that combined Japanese and American foods -- something for everyone, even if many
of the foods were not my definition of breakfast.

Now we are back in Tokyo. Again, checking in at 11 PM, very tired. Bag check looked closed. Oh well. When I went to the reservation desk they retrieved our bags (first sigh of relief), apologized for our last stay and gave us breakfast buffet coupons for the next four mornings. Score! Went up to our room only to find it is non-smoking (score #2) and has three beds (score #3)! They'll be getting high marks from us on The hotel is still nothing to write home about (even if I am), but the service is making up for it.

Sleep well!