Saturday, June 22, 2013

Osaka's Floating Garden

Despite the name, we did not see a traditional garden at Osaka's Floating Garden. It is a futuristic building that has a glass elevator that takes you all the way up to the 39th floor (140 meters high), which then leads up to the 40th and 41st floors where there is an observation deck. We tried to find our hotel from up there (we could see buildings near it), but deemed that our 10 story hotel was blocked by larger buildings.

We did see people standing in a 2 hour line to see fireflies, so maybe there is a garden, too. We were more interested in the views of the city.

The views are stunning. They would be even more stunning if I knew what I was looking at. I had a lot of fun playing with the settings on my new camera.


Not a bad shot, but I felt the camera could do better


Tonight will be the night of the Super Moon in New Jersey, however we won't get the full moon in Japan until tomorrow night. (It was cloudy the next day, so we missed the full moon in Kyoto.)

Picture of glow-in-the-dark Ashley:

More pictures of Osaka

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