Monday, June 24, 2013

Planes, Trains, Automobiles, etc.

Tonight we tried to rattle off the different forms of transportation we've used since leaving New Jersey. We've come up with:

  • Domestic Airplane Flight
  • International Airplane Flight
  • Shuttle bus (to hotel)
  • Monorail (around Disney area)
  • Disney Shuttle to train station
  • Commuter train to Tokyo
  • Subway to other side of Tokyo
  • Train (to Nikko)
  • Rental Car (with Tom driving)
  • Bullet Train (to Osaka)
  • City Bus
  • Hybrid bus
  • Street car / tram

I'll try to add to it if we have more. So far no boats (unless we can count a ride at Tokyo DisneySea) or taxis or rickshaws.

The payment system for buses and trains / subways is complicated. 

Bus: some are flat fare, others are based on the length of the trip. You take a ticket when you board and match the fare to the board in the front of the bus. Exact change only (of course). Ashley is half price.

Subways / trains: Some have ticket machines in English, others don't. You find the three digit number by your destination. This is the cost of your ticket (again, Ashley's is half price). Fortunately these machines make change.

The easiest is getting the all day pass -- usually pays for itself on the third ride of the day, which is easy to do when sightseeing. 

All this mass transit made me appreciate my car, as well as regret that it is nearly impossible to get around suburbia without one.

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  1. I'm glad that you're having such a wonderful adventure :)