Monday, June 24, 2013

It is like a Treasure Hunt

Everyday in a new city is like a giant treasure hunt. When we first get to a new city we have to figure out where our hotel is located. Each city comes with the challenge of figuring out where the tourist highlights are located. Then there is navigating the mass transportation system. Pre-2000, going to Europe also meant a whole new currency to figure out when crossing borders. Everything has a system and to the locals, it is natural. For native speakers it is a challenge. For non-speakers like us, it is a complete mystery.

The upside to a trip like ours is that we are exploring a lot of new cities. The downside, is that each new city brings new challenges -- finding food we all like, finding historic sites before they close, remembering what floor we are on at a new hotel (tonight I pressed the button for the 7th floor, only to be reminded that was the floor our room was on two nights ago, now we are on the 8th floor).

Sometimes (like when my nose starts running and my belly hurts from eating something that disagreed with it) I have troubles keeping the positive attitude. Other times (mostly after I've eaten and had some iced tea) I'm a lot better about it. 

As they sang in Willy Wonka, "Think Positive!"

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