Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Many people if asked what is the one thing they cannot live without might answer coffee. If asked which is the most important appliance in their house, they might answer the coffee pot. 
Not so in our home.

Don and I are both tea drinkers. Fairly die-hard tea drinkers at that. Many mornings I have troubles fully functioning without that first cup of tea -- especially on cold mornings when just holding the cup warms me up.

The fastest way to make a cup of tea is to use one of these gadgets: an instant hot faucet. It connects to the sink in the spot you could use for a soap dispenser. One press of the black lever and hot water pours out of it at just the right temperature for a cup of tea. 

Don installed our first instant hot about 11 years ago "for the baby." Yes, it was nice to add a dollop of instant hot water to Ashley's baby rice, but the real users have always been our giant tea mugs. 

I was reminded by how much I have grown to depend on this faucet when it leaked in February. This was already our second model as the first one broke after a few years. Don was unable to repair it. 

**first world problem spoiler alert** 

We had to learn to live without it. Water had to be boiled in a kettle (I brought our travel electric kettle down for this purpose) or microwaved (I always worry about the tiny staple causing a spark). Further complicating the situation was the Home Depot only sells the model we wanted on their website. This, plus the Princess Half Marathon, delayed repairs.

Fortunately the item arrived and Don found time to replace it.

Life has been restored to normal. The instant hot truly is a lifesaver in our home.

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