Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mid-Day Trenton Thunder Game

 Once again, Sharon invited me to do something I should have been doing since Ashley returned to bricks and mortar school. Instead of the movies, this time she invited me to a mid-week day Trenton Thunder baseball game on April 17.

The game started at 10:35 -- a good time, perhaps, for school groups. An odd time for baseball players and their routines. 

The game started with overcast skies and very little need for sunscreen. As we walked up to the concourse, Sharon and I swapped tales about our worst sunburns happening at this stadium. Mine was May 16, 2002 -- the day before Ashley was born. Hers was in April a different year. I should have worn sunscreen as when the skies cleared in the 7th inning, the rays seemed to shine down on my face and neck.

We both brought our cameras. Sharon's camera is just a wee bit larger than mine and smidge more powerful (both vast understatements). She and Thunder prospect, Tyler Austin, have formed a connection through her photography. Though she is a die-hard Mets fan, she roots for Tyler. We both took some pictures of him playing. He was the DH that day, hence no pictures of him in the field. He drew two walks and scored once. Not a bad day for him.

Unfortunately it was not enough for Thunder and they lost 10-6.

This was my first game since the 2011 season. Hopefully I'll make it a habit to return to many more games. I just love sitting in the stands and watching the game unfold before me. The pace is very relaxing and soothing, with a few jolts of electricity tossed in to keep fans on their toes.

Go Thunder!

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