Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Beautiful Day for a Run

photo.JPGLest you all think all I do when I run is complain, I thought it was time to write something more positive about running.

Today was the day when New Jersey jumped from our one-day Spring right into summer. We left the 60s behind and leaped into a high in the 80s. Absolutely beautiful! It was the first day of the year I needed to make sure I went out for a run before it got too hot. Also the first day of the year I could break out my tank top.

Due to a scheduling conflict, I cut back from an anticipated 4 mile run to "only" a 3.5 miler. I still can't believe I think like this at all. It felt so good being out in the sun!

With the warmer weather I decided it was time to break in my new running skort. I found this Danskin skort at Wal-Mart for only $9.96. I had visions of wearing this with my hot pink tank top, Princess Minnie ears, and perhaps some white compression sleeves to give a Princess Aurora look (Sleeping Beauty to most of us). 

Well, this was a case of you get what you paid for. The shorts under the skirt kept riding up on my legs (think "chafing"). I love the look, but even if I wore this outfit for the 10K portion of the Dumbo Double Dare (D3), I would not be able to run the half marathon the next day. 

Perhaps I'll look for another running skort, and just get a new Sparkle Skirt at the race expo in Anaheim. After all, part of the fun of running in a Disney race is wearing a cute costume and I don't want to wear the same one two days in a row.

Happy to no longer worry about slipping on the ice and snow until well after D3.


  1. Think I saw you running by my house this morning... great pace!

  2. I haven't found a pair of shorts that doesn't ride up yet! But I have heard that the Sparkle bottoms stay put so I am gonna give them a try...

  3. Yup, Dave that was me. You must have caught me in a good moment.

  4. Thanks, Kristen. I wondered if they really work as advertised. Good luck for your search for running shorts. I bought some from Lands End last year that are a little longer and don't ride up. They also have a couple of hiding spots for keys and a snack.