Friday, April 5, 2013

Today's Training Run Leaves Room for Improvement

It is pretty unusual for me to write blog posts about running, and even rarer to post about running on back to back days. Thought after yesterday's adventures, and update was in order.

Happily I did not wake up sore from yesterday's mishap. I deemed myself in good shape for a quick 3.1 mile run in the neighborhood (little chance of getting lost this way).

I took my regular sneakers and tossed them in the washing machine with lots of soap. In the end, they were soapy and wet. Rather than put them in the dryer (is it okay to put all that rubber into a dryer?) I put them outside in the sun. Yes, that giant ball of yellow made an appearance ALL DAY today! 

What is a girl to do when her sneakers are sopping wet and it is 60 degrees outside on a really nice Spring Day? Well, she takes out her last pair of running shoes and wears them instead. How back could it be? They were last worn in October during the Columbus Half Marathon --and I PR'd in that race. 

a) the legs were tired from yesterday's adventures
b) these sneakers should have been retired long before the half marathon
c) the wind picked up too much
d) running in my neighborhood is not as much fun as running on trails
e) all of the above

but I felt as if I was dragging lead weights today. The overall 5K pace was good for me (11:35), but I just wasn't feeling it today. 

I'll take it easy tomorrow and get out there bunches next week. The forecast is calling for highs in the 60s all week. Yippee!!

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