Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Our Latest Pet

How many of you can guess this animal? Keep thinking about your answer as you continue to read this blog post.

Readers know we have quite a zoo: three cats, a Betta fish, and a bearded dragon. I suppose a bird would help round out the collection, as well as keep Kitty Lucy entertained (and possibly fed), but Ashley is a reptile girl. Her dream next pet would be a ball python.

I must say, Ashley is very good around all animals, but especially reptiles. I've learned not to be so grossed out by them and to at least touch them. I'm not as brave as Ashley is and willing to let the snake wrap himself around me, though.

So when she asked about adopting a (are you ready?) a blue-tongued skink, I was a bit apprehensive. Do we really need another tank and the responsibility of keeping another reptile alive? After all, we've finally figured out how to take care of Sandy the Dragon.

Then I learned the full scoop. Through Churchville Nature Center we can adopt an animal. For only a few dollars each month, we pay for his food, have visitation rights on Sunday afternoons, and get naming rights. Ashley named him Blue. 

Critters are always cuter when someone else is responsible for keeping them alive!

There are other animals up for adoption. It makes a great gift for the hard to shop for animal lover.

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  1. We have adopted animals at the Philadelphia zoo. We currently parent pieces of a tiger and some little monkey type thing. I'm not sure which tiger pieces are ours, but we love them nonetheless.