Monday, December 31, 2018

2019 Resolutions / Goals

For the past couple of weeks I have been struggling with creating my list of resolutions / goals for 2019. Looking back at my 2018 Resolutions, seems I had three holdovers from 2017, and then added six more. I reserve the right to add more over the next few days.

With the exception of trying new low-carb recipes and hosting an exchange student (a goal Ashley did not support, and it had to be a family effort), I was successful with all my goals.

First, the holdover from the past two years. If it wasn't so important to me, I'd give up on it. Truth is, I'm bored with what I am eating and need to eat low carb in order to keep my A1C numbers low enough to continue without medicine. 

1) Try new low-carb recipes. I had great success when I made add a vegetarian recipe a week to my repertoire. "Try new low-carb recipes" was too vague.

2) Visit a new (to me) city. Other years I've said I wanted to go to a new (to me) country, but international travel is far from glamorous these days, so I'll amend that to any new city,with Charleston and New Orleans currently in the lead.

3) Make a new friend, or make stronger an existing friendship. I miss my daily back and forth messages with Carin.

4) Keeping to races between 4 and 10 miles, though I am toying with the Rocky Run (3.1 mile race immediately followed by a 10-mile race). Strongly considering the Paris to Versailles 16.1 km race in late September (10 miles). Shorter distances are too much hurry-up-and-wait. Longer races take too much training.

5) Do some public speaking. I am already signed up to talk about Honey Bunny's art work in Hopewell (February 27) and Ewing (March 10). I'd like to talk to a networking group about my experiences with job hunting after a long gap in employment.

6) Spending more time with friends and having photo proof it happened.

Shall I keep the list short, or add to it? Time will tell.

What are your goals?

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