Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Top 10 (11) Posts of 2016

For some reason in August my posts started to go viral, at least by Pillsbury Press standards. Suddenly well over 200 people were reading most of my posts, whereas in the first half of the year that number was around 50 for a "popular" post. This makes for some surprise winners in the Top 10 (11) post. I thought posting about seeing the Northern Lights would make the Top 10, but at 84 views that is way down on the list.

Without further ado, here is the list, based solely upon clicks. If people start posting comments (which is allowed) I might change the criteria someday, or at least create an additional list.

10 (tie). 293 clicks: Washington Crossing 15K
10 (tie). 293 clicks: Hermitage Museum
9. 294 clicks: Howell Living History Farm's Corn Maze (Get Lost)
8 (tie): 297 clicks: Disneyland Paris Semi Marathon
8 (tie): 297 clicks: Ashley dressing as Alexander Hamilton
6: 304 clicks: Springsteen in concert
5: 306 clicks: Dorney 10K
4: 312 clicks: Perfect 10 Miler
3: 313 clicks: Trenton 10K
2: 323 clicks: Smallest Race I Have Ever Done
1: 325 clicks: Thompson Street's Halloween Decorations

Happy New Year!


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