Saturday, January 28, 2017

All Four

There was a day last week when I worked all four of my piecemeal jobs.

1) Interviewed someone for a story for Community News
2) Edited a book for Open Door Publications
3) Substitute taught for half a day
4) Spoke with a freelance client about his family history

It was an eye opening day. 

I realized after having written over 500 stories over the past 4 years, I don't have the passion for writing for them as I did in the beginning. I interview a local business, try to find an interesting way to write about their business, hand in the story, have the editor grumble about something days after I hand it in (but they need the answer immediately for their deadline) and wait weeks to be paid. Repeat the following month. Sometimes no complaints. Rarely any praise or encouragement.

I realized I love working with authors to make their dreams come true, but also that I need to become an author someday.

I realized I enjoy subbing every now and again, but not enough to have my own class or to sub more than once a week. The pay isn't great enough and it takes away from my own business.

I realized I love talking to people about their stories, but that I need a different business model. I feel the fairest model is to charge an hourly rate with caps, but that seems to scare off most people. They hear "hourly rate" but not "caps" and fear this will cost tens of thousands of dollars. I've contemplated having them put a price on it and paying me what they feel it is worth, but that is a huge leap of faith. Can that kind of payment system even work in the real world? What is a fair price to put on preserving your family's story?

These are just a few of the thoughts I had on that day. The biggest one, of course, is what to do? What can I do in 2017 to make it a more professionally, financially, and spiritually fulfilling year? Can all three coexist? 

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