Thursday, January 28, 2016


Every winter Terhune Orchards, located a measly three miles from our home, hosts a Wassailing Party. Every year we don't go -- perhaps I tell myself it is too cold or it will be too crowded. I'm good at finding excuses. This year we just did it.

Yes, it was a little cold (27 degrees cold). Yes, parking was a bit tight because of the snow. To add to it, Cold Soil was closed, which meant we had to drive twice as far. 

We found out Spiced Punch would be singing in the store. This definitely swayed our decision to go. Stacy, Marianne, Tom, and Dave sing a fabulous four-part harmony of "traditional" Groundhog Day songs. Many of which I thought I knew the words to, but was wrong. Come out next year to hear the Groundhog Day songs.

I sort of knew the Molly Dancers would be there, but I thought this was the name of a particular dance company and not the name of style of participatory dance. As is the case wherever we learn new group dances, Sue was our teacher and caller. I must say this was the easiest dance she has taught us, or else I am beginning to understand this after attending Colonial Balls since December 2008, and Barn Dances at Howell Living History Farm off and on over the years. 

The event concluded with singing traditional wassailing songs, making noise to scare off the evil spirits, and hanging bread on the branches in order to ensure a good harvest. We know we want Terhune to have a good harvest.

Don continues to find good excuses to wear his kilt places.


  1. Lovely pictures, Jacquelyn! I'm happy to know your name now and to know that I'll keep encountering you and your family at all the events we mutually attend!

  2. Sweet little blog about the Wassailing event, Jacquelyn! It was a pleasure to see you, Don, and Ashley at the Orchard. It was certainly a unique day!