Monday, December 31, 2018


Don and I have a lot to learn about how to set up our luminaria. For the past three years (see 2017 and 2016 pictures) our luminaria look drunk, while everyone else's look perky and upright and shine the path for Santa. If we weren't already on Santa's good list I might be more worried.

Our candles:

No, it shouldn't catch on fire

See the gaps?

The thought is we'll put more sand in each bag next year. Maybe then the candles will stay upright and not blow over? We have the largest amount of curb, and order a small and large packet each year (40 candles, using about 32). We have 12 cobblestones between each bag, and always set on the curb instead of the street. Maybe one of these days a neighbor will stop by and kindly offer us some guidance to do it right in the future.

2019 will bring our fourth attempt. Fourth time is the charm?

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