Thursday, May 7, 2015

Neighborhood Garage Sale

For the past few years our neighborhood has been hosting an annual garage sale. It was started by a former neighbor, who is also a real estate agent. It always happens in May, which is always the busiest month for us, so we've ignored it. Some years we've been around and we have checked out other people's treasures. Some years we have put on blinders and ignored the whole thing. Some years we have just not been home. 

This year we tried something different. Rather than selling stuff, we put it out on our driveway with a sign saying FREE and walked away. It started with some bikes destined for the Trenton Bike Exchange and left the house. Those disappeared, Ashley's favorite vintage pink bike with the banana seat was a tough parting for her, but she admits it is too small and she likes having brakes on her hands.

Next we put out items too big to bring to a rummage sale, but not being used -- mostly ancient exercise equipment. We put out speakers we used 15+ years ago as end tables (after we no longer used them as actual speakers). We had much entertainment just watching cars slow down, eye up items, and take them home with them. Much more fun than we would have had trying to sell the same items (haggling, making sure nothing gets stolen, etc.). As things disappeared, we added more to the piles. 

Our only regret, is that we didn't think of this years ago, or start piling items sooner. 

Meanwhile, our Little Free Library also had a lot of traffic that day. I had replenished it the day before. When I noticed it was half empty, I restocked it again. Hope they come back to visit again.

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  1. Glad to carry on the tradition! We had 20+ families this year and the weather was great!