Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Biking Adventures

Last month I finally bought myself a brand-new bicycle. I named her Catie. 

During the week Catie and I go for adventures in Lawrenceville. On the weekends I'm the first one to vote for a family bike ride. Here are few pictures from our adventures.

Pole Farm/Mercer Meadows

Following instructions Don posted online for taking the Delaware River Heritage Trail from Trenton to Bordentown (we skipped the giant hill into town since the littlest one was already tired and we still had to go back):

Heading to Bordentown

Fortunately we were not on the tracks at the time.

After I ran the Spring Like 5 miler, Don and I took our bikes out for a 12.5 mile ride to Allaire Village and back.

Seen from the Capital to Coast Trail at Allaire Village -- old time baseball
 Mother's Day ride with my family along the East Coast Greenway and Lawrence Hopewell Trail in Lawrence.
Behind the Brearley House

Appropriate for Mothers Day -- seeing geese with their gosslings

Up and over Route 1

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