Thursday, May 7, 2015

I want to ride my bicyle

I think I have a new addiction: bicycling. It seems every 5 years or so I shift from one form of exercise to another. During my first job I walked with a co-worker. That transitioned to rollerblading in the park (one of the benefits to moving to this neighborhood was that Village Park is perfect for rollerblading). About five years ago I took up running. Now cycling is catching my interest.

Last fall I wrote an article about Bruno's: One Sweet Ride, a father-daughter shop selling bicycles and candy. Somehow in downtown Allentown the odd combination happens to work. While writing the story I decided to return in the spring to buy a new bicycle. Over the years I have had bicycles. One year Don bought me a bike from the Trenton Bike Exchange. It was probably the army green color that turned me off (though when we bought it I thought I could live with it), or the fact that within a few minutes of riding my knee would hurt (probably from a poor fit, but I never got a proper fit).

I targeted the weekend after Easter as the day I would buy a cute, girly bike. I had planned to purchase an Electra, but with only seven speeds those are meant as beach boardwalk bikes. Bruno gently talked me into a Trek that is designed for comfort, not speed. I sit up on it. It has shocks in the front and on the seat. I hardly feel any bumps when I take it out on the Lawrence Hopewell Trail. We've already been on two family rides, and are looking forward to more.
As with anything, one purchase creates a wish list of other purchases. I've requested a basket for Mother's Day. She also needs a cage for a water bottle (or maybe I can put that in my new basket -- hint, hint). A bell would be nice (for now I just say "beep beep, passing on left"). So would a light for when it starts to get dark earlier. Oh the list just keeps on growing.

I'm still debating on her name, but Catie seems to be winning.

Beep Beep -- see you on the trail.

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