Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I'm a winner -- yeah!

I have really fallen behind lately in many ways. Thank you notes have not been written. I have not sent copies of pictures to people. The "weekend" remodeling project is well into its second month. Long training runs have not been happening. 

I am most embarrassed that I have not thanked Anne at Outrunning the Fork for awarding me the "Shine-On Award" last month. I've been seeing this award circulate around my running friends' blogs and kept hoping I, too, would win this coveted award.

Thank you to for this honor. For reading me, and liking me! Please don't think my delay in replying to you has anything to do with my lack of excitement over the award. 

Here are the rules:
- Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you. Normally I receive an email with Anne's updates, and also see her on Facebook. Today I finally visited her site. I love the look of the page. I've been using Blogspot, but I'm liking her format on Bloglovin' enough I should check out their blog design tools.

- Acknowledge that blogger on your blog, and link back. Done :)

- Share seven random, interesting things about yourself. This is one of two reasons why I have not done this until today.

- Nominate up to 15 bloggers for the Shine On Award, provide a link to their blogs in your post, and notify them on their blogs. This is the other reason. It is an awesome responsibility, plus many of the blogs I love are family blogs. I'm not sure these friends would welcome traffic from strangers. If you would, though, let me know and I'll include you here.

Seven Random Facts About Me
1) I love dangling earrings, and hate when I lose one.

2) I want to do a sprint triathlon before I turn 50. That gives me barely 6 more years to learn how to swim and ride a bike -- I know the basics of each, but not the endurance. As well as the other logistics involved with a tri.

3) I've been running for about 4 years now, but still don't love it. Once in a while I enjoy it, but have not fallen in love with it., though I do love the way I feel because I run. I also love the bling that I have collected.

4) I spent a formative year in Belgium, from which came a daily chocolate habit, a passing ability to communicate in French, and majoring in history in college. Through Faceboook I recently reconnected with some of my friends from that year. Just being around them on-line makes me feel 25 years younger.

5) I also have a daily, year-round ice cream addiction.

6) I love reading. My favorite genre is cozy mysteries about ordinary women who solve crimes that baffle the experts. I can trace this love back to when I was 10 and devoured Nancy Drew books.

7) I still use a flip phone that is rarely charged, even more rarely on, and even more rarely with me. It is the worst possible way to find me.

This is another challenging spot. Some of my favorite blogs are those started by friends as a way to share life updates, such as Bella's People, Silver and Gold, and The Smith Summary. I don't think they would welcome the traffic they might get from me. On the other hand, usually only a couple of dozen people read my blog posts.

The other issue is that this has been circulating around my running friends, so I want to try to widen the net on this awesome bragging rights award. My friend Darla left her corporate job with a dream, a dream which has blossomed with her care. She is a fabulous organizer, and an even more amazing friend. I think this is a lovely blog, but I admit I am partial because I do a lot of the writing for it. Kara is another fabulous woman with a dream. She and her business partner, Rick, opened the first Do It Yourself Photo Studio. Her blog is about helping others become terrific photographers, too. I've really been enjoying Jo-Lynne's take on fashion over 40. I can so relate, as well as learn from her. Mr. Daps's pictures of Disneyland always make me want to hop on a plane to visit the place in person. Another fabulous blogger who writes about Disneyland. Her stories are always fun to read. Written by my sister, an excellent writer. May this award inspire her to update her blog.


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  1. A bonus fact about me: I know enough HTML to fix the glitch in this post. :)