Thursday, October 24, 2013

Demon Hunters Fear the Silence

I have two big regrets from 2011. The first is that I did not go on a church mission trip to Nepal. The second is that I did not become a zombie. You might be thinking, had I flown all the way to Nepal and back, I would have looked like a zombie, but that's not what I mean. Other than both opportunities taking place in 2011, there was no connection.

Let's back up to 2009. Ashley and I were in our first play, "It's a Wonderful Life" at Somerset Valley Players. She was the adorable Zuzu, and I was Miss Carter, the mean bank examiner who becomes nice in the end (the part is a man in the movie, but a woman in the play version). It was a fabulous experience. Through that I made some good friends. One of those friends is Brian Gildea, who played Clarence. (side note: thanks to I just learned he was a student in the 1994 Robert Redford film "Quiz Show")

Brian emailed me and others from the cast of "Wonderful Life" to offer us the chance to be in his movie "Demon Hunters Fear the Silence." He was the lead, and also the casting director. The movie shoot was about 90 minutes away, and the commitment was for a full long day. Lots of excuses, most of which I regret, and I didn't make it. Some other cast members did. Al Contursi, who was George Bailey, has a pretty large part in the movie. Mike, Jim, James, and Chris were all zombies in the film.

About two weeks ago Brian emailed me to invite me to the premier of his movie. That I jumped at the chance to see. Don and I drove to the Bow Tie Cinemas in Middletown, NJ. The theater was filled with cast members, family members and friends. After the 90 minute movie we had a Q&A session with the cast and the opportunity to purchase DVDs and posters. I bought a DVD and had Al and Brian autograph it for me. 

The best part of the movie was playing spot my friends. It is a classic horror film ... a group of strangers are left stranded at a bus stop when they encounter a zombie as they run away from him to a place they thought was safe (Al's character's office building) they find out the place is filled with zombies. The phone lines don't work. Enter the Demon Hunters (Brian and his friends) to save the day. 

It was an honor to be among those seeing it in the theater. I wish Brian and his cast the best of luck as they seek to have it shown in more theaters. Someday I'll be able to say "I knew him when...".

The following year I did get another opportunity to be in a movie. This time I jumped at it. I played a theater goer in the movie "Poor Earl." I was promised imdb credit in exchange for my day, but I'm not seeing either the movie or my credit. It was still a fun experience.

A review of the movie can be found HERE

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