Thursday, September 13, 2018

Living la vida 1990s?

Last month the three of us embarked on a two-week Northern European cruise, which started and ended in Denmark. Perhaps the most surprising part of the trip was how many different foreign currencies we used. Thank goodness for credit cards or we would have come home with bank fees for converting the money, and extra money. By the time we reached Stockholm I had no sense of the exchange rate.

I managed to come home with less than a hundred euros as my only foreign currency. With a planned trip to Paris next week, they will be put to good use.

Home: US dollars 
Layover in Switzerland: Swiss Franc (.97:1)
Denmark: Danish Krone (6:1)
Germany: Euros -- with the caveat that most places in Berlin DO NOT take credit cards (.86:1 -- ouch)
Estonia: Euros
Russia: Russian Rubles (67:1)
Norway: Euros
Sweden: Swedish Krona (11:1)
Back to Denmark and the Danish Krona
Layover in Canada: Canadian Dollars (1.3:1)
Home again
Counting it all up, that makes seven different forms of currency in only 14 days. I believe that is a new record for me. Not sure it is one I aspire to try to beat.

Basically I wanted a place to write down the exchange rates since they vary. Nadya, our Russian tour guide, said the rate was in the thirties a year earlier. We should have spent more money since the rate was twice as good in our favor.

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