Friday, August 24, 2018

Beginning of Our Baltic Sea Adventures

Place your bets ... how many blog posts can I turn a 9-day Baltic Cruise plus add on days in Denmark into? Five years ago when we went to Japan for our 20th anniversary we turned a two-week trip into 30 posts. In the past five years I have become a lot wordier.

I'll add links to this page.


August 7: Overnight flight to Denmark
August 7-9: Copenhagen, Denmark
August 10: Warnemunde, Germany to take a 3-hour bus ride to Berlin, Germany
August 11: Rest day on the boat
August 12: Tallinn, Estonia
August 13-14: St. Petersburg, Russia
August 15: Helsinki, Finland
August 16: Stockholm, Sweden
August 17: Rest day on the boat
August 18-20: Copenhagen, Denmark

Before leaving I made a notebook with everything I needed to know -- who we were meeting up with, when, and where. What we should see in each city. In some cases, how we getting from Point A to Point B. It came in very handy. As we went on tours, I took notes while also taking pictures.

Our flight was delayed by several hours making it nearly impossible to catch up with the one person we were hoping to see while on our adventures: Susanne. Susanne was an exchange student with my parents while I was living in Belgium with the Rotary Club. We planned to meet up at 5 PM, but had to change that to 10 PM when our flight did not arrive until 8 PM. It was 4 PM New Jersey time, but remember we had an overnight flight, and a day of traveling. It was worth the lack of sleep.

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