Saturday, September 1, 2018

Past Couple of Weeks

The past couple of weeks have been insane. They have flown by in a blink of an eye, yet dragged on at the same time.

Since our return from Copenhagen:

August 20 -- Landed
August 21 -- Carin died, had job interview with Dressed for Success
August 22 -- Power weeding, figuring out the funeral plans, book club at our house, cold caught on flight home
August 23 -- Carin's funeral
August 24 -- "Quiet" day, Ashley had a friend over, ending in food poisoning
August 25 -- In bed all day with food poisoning, except when contractor needed me to tell him where to trim the trees
August 26 -- Felt human again, went to church.
August 27 -- Interview with Princeton University for a temp job; baby shower at volunteer place; found out I landed the job at the University and will start in two days
August 28 -- Saw "Frozen" on Broadway
August 29 -- Started the temp job at Princeton University
August 30 -- Ashley's first day as a Junior; Ashley's first self-defense class
August 31 -- Car died on the way to work; Don and Ashley had day off; Don took my car to mechanic; I took him to train station; I picked him up at the end of the day

Now it is September. As I sit here and type, I wonder what this month will throw at me and how I will handle it. With grace? Hopefully. Kicking and screaming? Hopefully not. 

Enjoy your September.

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