Thursday, September 1, 2016

Six Flags Office Party

I've said it before and I know I'll say it again, Six Flags is not Disney.

It has been years since we went to Six Flags Great Adventure, probably not long after since we started taking to Disney. At first little things at Six Flags would grate on me, such as the piles of bubblegum (which I did not notice this time). Then it was more an issue of practicality -- we don't like the super big thrill rides, and that is where Six Flags excels. They don't have the tons of characters, or many rides on the scale of Big Thunder Mountain Rail Road, but they will take you to the brink of death (or so it seems to me now).

Don's office party on the second day of school provided the perfect opportunity to try it again. Ashley dislikes scary roller coasters more than the two of us combined, so she was happy to stay home. 

The first change since our last visit is now the safari is inside the park. Well, sort of. You take a shuttle from behind the log flume and do the drive while someone
tells you fun facts about the animals, which seemed to mostly be about their gestation periods. Someone later told me they were sitting in the back and could not hear a thing. My complaint was the diesel fumes. They can't be good for the animals. In small print they warn you the ride takes about an hour -- something we didn't notice before starting our journey. I think my favorite animals were the baby zebras. Second favorite were the cute one and two month old lion cubs. 
I did not appreciate the upselling. Once an hour they feed the giraffes (coincidentally, just as we were getting to that drop off zone). For an additional $6 each (or $5 if you are an annual pass holder) you can also feed them. Before boarding the bus they took a picture of us, which they were willing to sell us at this point. Then there was the dollar locker rental near all of the big rides (similar lockers are free at Disney and Universal Studios). It was a bit much.

After spending an hour on the bleak safari lands we rode some coasters before the group lunch. Our favorite was the woody El Toro -- even with the 18 story drop, and speeds that were trying to tear off my clothes (hey, this is a family park). Don went on Joker and deemed it a bit much. Meanwhile I was texting Ashley whose bus was taking a grand central tour of South Lawrence.

This ride was more my speed. 

The dark clouds were coming closer, so close it poured on our ride home. We had a good time, but are in no rush to return, or to get a season pass.

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