Thursday, September 15, 2016

Cat Chips

Last month we did something we probably should have done years ago: we had our cats microchipped.

As many of you know we have two cat. Kitty Lucy turned four last week. She is from my friend Kim's cat's litter. Her mama's name is Trouble. Hmm... The stories I could tell you about Lucy and her amazing powers of flight. She is an over the head cat. After being chipped, she tried to run away, but the vets anticipate this might happen and seal off the area prior to setting her free from the cage.

Charlie Cat is our 11 year old orange tabby cat. We adopted him through Freecycle, before sites like that banned getting rid of cats this way. He was described as having a "loud motor," which is true. He doesn't say much, but he does have a loud purr. He only wants to be pet on his terms -- mostly by Don as he is falling asleep at night (Don, not Charlie). He is an under the foot cat.

The chipping event took place at EASEL, an animal shelter in Ewing. The chip is minuscule, it fits in a syringe which is stabbed into the cat's neck. It is a quick and fairly painless process. 

The cats are now registered with the microchipping company. In the event they go missing, or are brought to the shelter, we will be contacted. In the past Charlie has gone missing for up to 48 hours. I tell myself not to worry, but of course I do. This adds an extra layer of comfort. All for $25 each. A bargain. This is something that is now done regularly when cats are adopted from the shelter and is part of the adoption fee.

As for Sandy Dragon, he doesn't go far enough away from us to be microchipped, nor does he have much of a neck to stick the syringe into. We continue to love the old dude.

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