Saturday, April 23, 2016

2016 March Madness Extended

As I sit here on Passover weekend I realize this is perhaps the only week I have not seen a play since mid-January. March is always a busy month for seeing school plays because most area schools put their plays on that month. This year was extra chaotic because Easter (and Spring Break) fell in March, too. It is such a busy month for us we've called it our version of March Madness. (2015 is HERE) (2014 did not get written) (2013 is HERE

I thought it would be fun to list the shows we have seen already. By "starring," I mean the friend we were supporting at the show, not that they necessarily had the lead role.

January 8: "The Piano Lesson" at McCarter for Don's birthday
January 15: "The Univited Guest" at Somerset Valley Players starring Roberta
January 29: "Leading Ladies" at Actors Net starring Andrew
February 20: "Manuel and the Statue of Liberty" at Princeton University starring Noemi
February 26: "Hair" at Pennington
February 27: "Underneath the Lintel" at Actors Net
March 4: "Anything Goes" at Notre Dame starring Reilly
March 12: "Hairspray" at Lawrence High School
March 13: "Peter Pan" at St. Ann School starring Ashley and Don
March 16: "Shrek Jr." at Lawrence Intermediate School starring Hayden
March 18: "Peter Pan" at St. Ann School starring Bridget
March 19: "Peter Pan" at St. Ann School starring Ashley
March 23: "A Chorus Line" at Merriam Theatre starring Chris
April 6: "Lion King" on Broadway with class trip
April 9: "Hamilton" on Broadway with lottery
April 16: Chris's senior cabaret

Later this week we are planning on seeing "Young Frankenstein" starring Julia and Jonathon.

Some people watch TV and go to the movies, others see plays.

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