Monday, April 4, 2016

Iceland - Reykjavik in photos

It finally happened -- I learned how to spell the name of the capitol of Iceland.

Here are some random pictures from Reykjavik. My big regret is not taking a picture of the red library.

Many pictures of bicycles on this trip.

Meet other tourists by matching your glove to theirs.
People take their gloves home with them at the end of their trip,
meanwhile they leave contact information for when they are in town.

No idea what is behind this, but I liked it.

Famous landmark. Statue of Leif Erickson in front of it.
Evidently there are great views of Reykjavik from the top,
but we didn't attempt to go. With this many clouds, what was the point?

From inside the church.

Americana in Iceland.

Lots of walking and biking options.

On our first day.

A glove for holding a cold drink.

Formerly a prison, now the Prime Minister's office.
The only official building that looks like a fortress is the American Embassy.

For John, we found the place but it was "dead."

The Harp Center that appeared in the Rhode Island tourism
information the week we were in Reykjavik. It was trending on FB.

That church at night.

On our last morning before heading to the airport.

Just because I like this picture.

A random church having a funeral.

Cleaning the streets. No wonder the place looks so nice.

A shop window.

Family picture. See we removed our hats -- it wasn't THAT cold.

Thought of dad when I saw this - no tractors on the road during rush hour.
Umm...but okay the other hours.

In front of the Harp Center (of music). Fitting.

Where we bought a stamp to start Ashley's panda's passport collection. Thought of Martha.

Some of the beers Don brought home.

Thought of our friend, Santa.
Of course we always buy swimwear and Arctic attire at the same time.

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