Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bialashu the International Traveler

Bialashu traveled with us to Japan two years ago, so it was only natural that she came with us to Iceland.

She was a good sport about sitting on the glacier.

And had no complaints about being wind-swept on the black sand beach.

We think she is a little partial to the colors white and black.

Inspired by "Stan," my friend Martha's traveling companion, Bialashu now has her own passport. "Stan" receives a postage stamp from each country he has visited (currently well over 70). So far Bialashu just has the one stamp from Iceland, though we have plans to retroactively add a stamp from Japan, and we can add a Canadian stamp this summer. Bialashu did not accompany Ashley last summer, so no need to add those stamps in after the fact.

I think Bialashu wants to add to her collection.

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