Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hester Young - Author Talk

Hester Young spoke last night at the Princeton Public Library

I know Hester is not yet a household name, but if the next two books in her planned trilogy are as good as "The Gates of Evangeline" is, it will be.

Hester spoke about spending seven years writing her debut novel, but now that she has a contract for three books (more if things go well), she has had to really focus on writing. Book two will (hopefully) come out next fall.

Even though her book only came out the day before and only a handful of people would have had the chance to read it, the audience asked great questions. Hester lives in New Jersey, but went to Louisiana with her husband and two small children to do on-site research, and visit family who made a serendipitous move to that area after she decided that would be the setting of her debut novel.

Her novel features premonitions that lead the main character Charlotte "Charlie" Cates to make decisions, and to solve crimes. She talked about personal premonitions, and one serious one her grandmother had that haunted her.

Though suffering from a cold, Hester read long passages from the book, that had I not already read it would have left me yearning for more. Her pacing is fabulous.

Both Hester and "Charlie" come across as women you'd love to meet at a coffee shop and chat the day away. I would love to get together with any of my friends who read the book and chat about it over some tea.

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