Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Ashley's Beautiful Lengths donation

Last month Ashley reached the point she was ready to cut her long hair and donate it to a worthy cause. I was a bit apprehensive. Back when she was in first grade, she made the same proclamation, she was in tears the next day and insisting I "glue it back on!"

Ashley, first grade, before

Ashley, first grade, during

Ashley, first grade, after

We talked about it for months while the hair grew long enough to be cut. Ashley wanted to donate about 8, maybe 9 inches. Most of the places accepting donations for wigs want the hair to be closer to a foot. My sister, Melissa, told me about Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program. They only require 8 inches.

Back to Christine at Artistic Designs in Pennington.

Ashley, 8th grade, before
Ashley, 8th grade, during

Ashley, 8th grade, after
 Is it my imagination or does she suddenly look older?

Ashley admitted she does not miss her hair as much as she thought she would. She also said "in about a year it will be back to where it was before I cut it." So mature inside and out. Love this girl!

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