Monday, September 21, 2015

Happy Birthday, Jacquie

Let the birthday blogging continue!

First the presents... a new lens for my DSLM- a 14 to 140 mm -- stronger than the 14-42, and not as strong as the 42-200, but less awkward in that it should fit most of my shooting needs without having to keep swapping lenses. Panasonic does not make a 14-200 lens for their DLSMs.
As has become tradition, Ashley drew me a picture. This time she drew me one of my favorite princess wearing a "mustache." Reminds me of our friends from Japan, Masumi and Hiroko as they posed for "mustachio" pictures together in Tokyo.

My actual birthday was on Sunday of Labor Day weekend. We celebrated by my doing the Bucks County Duathlon and walking around Allaire Village. What Don and Ashley really wanted to do to celebrate, though, was cook me meals that had less than 30 grams of carbs apiece (as per my restricted diet) and were new food options for me as I have fallen into serious food ruts.

For breakfast they made me a crepe using eggs, cream cheese, and a couple of other ingredients -- but no grains. It was very tasty. I put ham and cheese in it, though I would have preferred Nutella and bananas.

Lunch was the carbiest meal of the day. Using Sesame Ezekial bread (28 grams of carbs for two slices), they made me grilled cheese and tomato soup. We shared a can of tomato soup. Parmesan cheese was sprinkled on top to make it look fancy.

They outdid themselves with dinner! They made a crustless quiche and everyone even ate it. I saved the leftovers for lunch on another day.

Lacking from this year's celebration was cake. I've tried hard to stay away from sweets, with the exception of a half a piece of fruit or a square of dark chocolate.

Their hard work resulted in my testing the following morning and receiving a 77 -- firmly in the normal zone.

My hard work over the past 6-7 months has also paid off. I was told I no longer have diabetes. I still have to watch what I eat, but I don't feel as if every little slip up will have major health ramifications. I can't change genetics or my age, but I can change what I eat, and how active I stay. I lost about 10 pounds (not that I was trying) through cutting out most grains and sugars. I've also "lost" about 15 more seconds per mile when I run. The change in diagnosis means I've lost my fear and choose healthier foods because I know they make me feel better. 

Thank you all for the prayers and well-wishes that got me to this point. I return in six months. Hopefully my numbers will be even lower then.

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