Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Ashley's European Adventures

I am accepting that this is the closest to a blog post I am going to get out of Ashley about her trip to Europe. Blogging is my thing, not hers, not Don's. The following is  thank you she sent to people who purchased her artwork to help fund her trip to Europe:

Thank you for supporting me and my trip to Europe. I went to England, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany , Austria, and Switzerland in 20 days. My favorite country was Belgium, and my favorite part was the homestay in Frankfort, Germany. Another highlight was singing "The Hills art Alive" on the hills of Austria, where they filmed "The Sound of Music." In one day we traveled through five countries (I had breakfast in Germany, lunch in Switzerland, drove through France, had a bathroom break in Lichtenstein, and had dinner in Austria). My least favorite food was the escargot, which I spit out instead of swallowing (it tasted okay, but I thought the texture was gross). My favorite souvenir was chocolate. I came back an inch taller and I took over a thousand pictures. I had an amazing time and got along well with everyone.

For a little bit more reading: Lessons Learned

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