Sunday, January 6, 2019

Ringing in the New Year with a Bonfire

A relatively newer tradition for us than the Colonial Ball is attending Lawrence Township's annual Hogmany, or giant bonfire to ward off the evil spirits. Looking at The Pillsbury Press, we attended in 20132016 and 2017. I feel like we have gone other years, too, but that would take more research.

The Hogmany is a Scottish tradition to ward off the evil spirits from the past year. Reading my past posts, my biggest gripes had to do with not landing jobs -- a trend I am thrilled changed in 2018. I felt refreshingly optimistic about the start of the New Year.

This year the rain-or-shine event was postponed from New Years Eve to New Years Day night because of a downpour. As a result, the crowds seemed much lighter, too. Again we saw Will and Sandra, and Bill (Col. Hand). I suspect we had other friends in the sparse crowd, but were too mesmerized by the flickering flames to wander around the bonfire.

As planned, we met up with Rod and Nancy, and their son Nate and his friends. Ashley stayed home with a bad cold.

Up until New Years Eve 2016, the bonfire was on 10 foot pallets stretching 10 feet in the air. It was massive! There was a year we were afraid it would blowing into the woods and taking out some trees. The next year it was 5 foot by 5 foot and burns in at least half the time. In other words -- get there at the start or you might miss it. Though the event officially runs from 6pm to 8pm, by 7pm only embers were left, and that was after they had stoked the fire some.

My favorite picture of the bonfire I took in 2016.

May your 2019 be amazing, and free from roaring flames.

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