Friday, May 5, 2017

Pet Update

It has been a couple of years since I last gave a pet update. At that point Ariel Cat had just died suddenly and we were down to three pets. As of this week we are back up to five pets: three cats, a fish, and our beloved bearded dragon.

The most famous pet in our menagerie is Sandy Dragon. For an old dude (maybe 12 1/2, but they typically live 8-10 years), he has been moving around a lot lately and even playing hide and seek. 

He got up here himself, fortunately the screen was closed.

Where's Sandy? Peek-a-boo!
When Don lost his job last fall he brought Baloo the Blue Fish home with him. He doesn't feel the new office is ready for him to bring in a pet.

Then there are the three cats. Fans of the Pillsbury Press, and our neighbors, are familiar with Charlie Cat and Kitty Lucy. Charlie has been getting into less trouble lately (a good thing). Lucy still greets her adoring fans at the bus stop. They are not pleased with Cat #3 -- Kitty, or as we've taken to calling him, Max. Max belonged to my mother-in-law (whom we call Honey Bunny). Honey Bunny moved into assisted living this week. Fortunately the move was gradual and she had time to adjust to it, unlike the times my grandparents had to move into nursing homes. The biggest rule there, though, is no pets. So, Kitty, or rather Max, needed a new home. I'd like to think he chose Don.

Charlie Cat in my office

Kitty Lucy

Introducing Max:

Fortunately Max has a healthy respect for Sandy and moved away from him as Sandy started to move. Look at Sandy with his belly off of the ground! Go, Sandy, Go! Reminded me of how elephants react to mice.

Sandy is definitely top pet, and the other respect that.

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