Saturday, May 27, 2017

Immigration Issue

Not to belittle what is happening on a national level, but to perhaps shed a little light on the situation, we seem to have our own little immigration issue in our house. 

Earlier this month Don's mom moved into an assisted living place. She left behind the house she lived in for 54 years and her cat.

Kitty, since renamed Max based on the sounds he makes, has settled in quite nicely. 

The problem is Charlie and Lucy aren't pleased with his living here. Max has chosen the most comfortable spots to sit (places Charlie and Lucy loved). Max eats their food. Max has Ashley's attention and affection. 

Max's sponsor (Don's mom) is pleased he is doing so well and doesn't seem to care that the other cats' lives were upended. Mind you, the house is more than big enough for the three of them.

I am pleased he has a healthy fear of Sandy, the Scaly One.

Meanwhile Lucy continues to spend more time outside, perhaps she is thinking of immigrating to a friendlier country, er...home. She has also returned to climbing in and out of Ashley's window, a trick the others have not mastered. The last one to move into a new place is often very vocal about closing the doors after her -- at least that is the case in our home.

Charlie has joined a choir with Max, which probably annoys the neighbors, but their dog's barking still annoys us, so maybe we are even. It certainly annoys me. Charlie has also learned how to make himself much larger than he really is, but Max isn't fooled.

Maybe world leaders should embrace our temporary solution and sit down to a meal with one another. I wish I could say it has brought lasting peace, but at least things were quiet for a few minutes.

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