Sunday, May 14, 2017

Art and Spirituality

Ashley's school held an Art and Spirituality Day for parents and alumni. As she attends a Catholic School, I wasn't quite sure what to expect.

The day started with a song, a prayer built out of that song, and a gratitude list. At the moment, I wasn't feeling very grateful. I've been rather cranky lately, and not in the mood to give up that crankiness. It has been a rather gloomy spring, with pockets of sunshine. My MIL was placed in a nursing home (good move for her) and I found out that morning no one was stepping up to the plate to clear 54 years of pack rat habits, but that will probably morph into a different post at a point when I have more clarity on the subject. We then created a small craft -- a card to give someone to tell them we are thankful they are in our life. 

Then we went to Princeton University's Art Museum. For those of you not familiar with their museum picture the Metropolitan Museum of Art (in New York City) but on a scale in which you can see everything from ancient art to pop art in about two hours.

Our leader, retired teacher Bernie (Bernadette) took us to three paintings to illustrate Love, Hope, and Peace, then allowed us time to wander on our own.

For LOVE, we looked at this statue of Mary and Jesus (told you she attends a Catholic School). I love the expression on Jesus's face "I'm so cool, check me out."

For PEACE we looked at one of Monet's waterlily paintings (told you they have everything there, even a sarcophagus).

For HOPE we looked at the room of ancient art, but nothing specific. After wandering around the museum for a bit we broke for lunch. As I was not in the mood to be sociable, and it was a gorgeous day (for once) I went home. I don't know how many people they were hoping would turn out for this event, but they had about 16, and of that group many were alumni (as opposed to parents). Turns out a friend went to the Saturday version. Had we coordinated better we both would have had a chance to catch up.

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