Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Number 600

I was pleasantly surprised, and quite frankly stunned, when I charged up my Nike+ Sportswatch following a run to find out it was run #600. 


When did this happen? How did this happen?

I started tracking my runs in February 2012 -- at least a year after I started running. I will honestly tell all of you who hate running I only started enjoying these runs around my 500th, and only starting loving them about 50 or so ago. 

I will admit some of these "runs" are bike rides, and others were walks. There are also times I run without a watch because I left it at home or it wasn't charged or it couldn't find a signal.

I will also admit the reason I kept running even though I didn't love it was because I love how I move and feel because I run. I move upstairs faster. I jog through parking lots without losing my breath. I am more flexible. All good stuff, even though I didn't enjoy the actual act of running.

Don't give up. May I read you have hit Run #600, too.

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